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When seeking help for mental health issues, the first thing patients need to do is decide what sort of professional to consult. Mental health services in China mainly fall into two categories - psychiatric consultation and psychological counseling, depending on the patient"s condition.

Psychiatrists and psychological counselors differ in terms of educational background and the focus of treatment. As a result, patients are usually advised to consult a psychiatrist for diagnosis and suggestions about medication, while counselors are a better option when seeking advice about psychological, or therapeutic, assistance.

People with severe conditions are usually advised to consult a hospital-based psychiatrist, who can diagnose their problem, prescribe appropriate medication and recommend follow-up tests and treatment.

Psychiatrists are trained physicians who have graduated from a medical school and also completed a residency in psychiatric health.

Patients with relatively mild symptoms can opt for psychological counseling in a bid to work through times of heightened stress, tackle specific relationship problems or manage grief. These services can be found in schools, businesses, communities and private psychological counseling institutions.

Psychological counselors are required to undertake training, but do not have to hold a degree from a medical school.

In China, people who wanted to provide such counseling used to be required to pass an exam and obtain a certificate issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. Prior to the exam, they needed to complete a three-month training program in basic psychology and counseling techniques. However, in 2017, the ministry stopped issuing the certificate, but gave no reason for doing so.

The fees paid for the two services vary greatly. Psychiatric consultations are included in the national medical insurance system and usually cost about 100 yuan ($14.50) per session, but patients who opt for psychological counseling have to cover the fee themselves, usually 200 to 800 yuan per hour.

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