Aussie govt falls behind Opposition ahead of ewrist band promo codelection

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison speaks during the Liberal Party meeting of State Council in Perth, Australia, March 9, 2019. [Photo/IC]

CANBERRA - The Australian government is still trailing the Opposition before May"s general election, a poll has revealed.

According to Newspoll, one of the nation"s most respected opinion polls, the opposition Australian Labor Party (ALP) leads the governing Liberal-National Party Coalition (LNP) 54-46 on a two-party preferred basis, extending the ALP"s lead from 53-47 in the previous poll.

It represents the 50th consecutive Newspoll loss for the LNP under the leadership of two prime ministers.

The poll is a blow for the government and Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who has begun his re-election campaign by attacking opposition leader Bill Shorten"s national security and economic credentials.

The ALP has promised to increase Australia"s refugee intake, ambitious renewable energy and emissions reduction targets and a far-reaching tax-and-spend economic agenda.

The LNP is relying on a message of stability, saying it is the party best-equipped to manage the nation"s economy.

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